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Here to Serve You

I have over 40 years of IT experience beginning with the Commodore Vic 20. In my early years I was heavily involved in emerging technologies that have shaped the IT world which I now work in on a professional level. Such technologies include BBS and other early iterations of the Internet, hardware, software such as DOS and UNIX. The computer revolution began when I was a child and I have been a part of it since the early 80's.

My experience is extensive and there is not much that I can't do when it comes to your IT infrastructure. One of my specialties is disaster recovery which is useful for businesses that are having an IT related crises. Often I get my first call from a customer when something very important to their business breaks. Whether it's an Internet issue, one of your workstations isn't working as well as it used to, or your server is in trouble, I can address your issue in a timely manner and get results for you immediately.

One of the best parts of what I do is general IT consulting where I assist businesses with purchasing decisions, network design and implementation, and ongoing support. I have had much experience over the years, for example, setting up an IT solution such as an Active Directory domain deployment for local municipalities. Once implemented, I offer organizations such as municipalities remote services and support at a flat hourly rate.

I also offer data recovery services, office system setup services, malware cleanups, server configuration and setups, etc.. I have the pleasure of doing sysadmin work for many servers in the area on a daily basis. The type of consulting I do is very important to small businesses and organizations who don't wish to invest in a IT department but need the services of a highly qualified IT professional.

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